• We feel blessed to have had our children enrolled in The Master’s Touch….They create a fun and warm environment that fosters the children’s love for music….Out of all of our extracurricular activities , the classes as The Masters Touch are our favorites!

    Kristen Jesser (Southlake, TX)

  • We have enjoyed this school for over 10 years, with 3 children having attended. Rhythm Makers, Merry Music Makers, Group Piano, and Private Piano and Guitar. It has been truly amazing what my children have learned. They are not just instructors but have become dear friends as well. This is an awesome music school that has also made a positive impact on their academics. The school offers such a variety of music for all ages. What a blessing to have them become part of my children's lives.

    Christi Diamond (Grapevine, TX)

  • They provided me with an excellent foundation for my studies in piano. The festivals, master classes, competitions, and recitals were wonderful opportunities for me that few of my peers were given in their music studies. I could not have asked for a better experience from elementary to high school than the one I received at The Master’s Touch.

    Spring Butler-former student (Piano Performance and Pedagogy Major, Oklahoma Baptist University)

  • All three of my boys are thriving at Master's Touch! They started in group piano, where they learned piano is fun and cool. We had so much fun watching their little fingers fly across the keys and their faces light up as they played real songs for us. Now all three are in private lessons.

    Rachel Master (Colleyville, TX)

  • My son has completed his first year at The Master’s Touch in the kindergarten piano class and has progressed all the way from total beginner to reading music and playing two handed. I am impressed with the instructors professionalism and creative projects. The kids all have a great time in the class. We are definitely continuing studying there next year.

    Amy Alexander (Southlake, TX)

  • I have had 3 kids at Master’s Touch for a total of 13 years; including group and private piano lessons. The teachers are very professional, yet compassionate, encouraging, and nurturing. I am amazed at the consistent teaching quality and the progress of my kids. I have seen them grow as individuals and develop an enhanced sense of confidence through participation in the recitals and special programs. I particularly appreciate the Christian atmosphere; which is what led us to the school many years ago. I have stayed with The Master's Touch because of the quality and compassion of their teachers.

    Marie Fitzgerald (Colleyville, TX)

  • My daughter started at the Master’s Touch before she was 1 year old. Now she is 4, and can’t wait for music class every week.

    Claire Doddridge (Southlake, TX)

  • My instructor first and foremost, evaluates and re-evaluates how each student learns best, then tailors with positive instruction. In other words, given each student’s changing age, temperament, and musical background, they adapt and approach that best suits the individual in order to get the most progress for the student. I completely enjoy my study of the piano, the tremendous sense of accomplishment I’ve experienced, and the fun I’ve had along the way. I’m certain my instructor is responsible for that.

    Bill West (Bedford, TX)

  • I cannot say enough wonderful things about The Master's Touch. Since joining the school both my children are growing exponentially as musicians. My four year old son recently started piano with Ms. Nancy Killoran, and already has a focus and love for the instrument. My seven year old daughter began violin lessons with Ms. Sarah Price at the age of five, and is currently a violinist with the Fort Worth Youth Orchestra's JSO. The teaching staff has the magical ability to encourage a passion for music that I did not think possible in such young children. My husband even began studying piano with the school! I would highly recommend the Master's Touch to anyone who is seriously interested in the pursuit of music for their children or themselves.

    Meredith Opat (Southlake, TX)

  • My children spent many years learning musical instruments at Master's Touch. They started at the age of 18 months with their mommy and me program. My son is now a music major at UNT. Both my kids have the most exquisite taste and talent in music and it was part because they attending this amazing institution. The Master's Touch will always be a very special place in my heart.

    Sonya Luna Miyashita (Grapevine, TX)